Kelly Bell Photography



Kelly was so amazing to work with! We were a little apprehensive about having someone spend four hours with us (four hours!) but Kelly was so easy to be around and our family just went about living our lives that morning. And the photos! Kelly captured the mundane but precious moments of life with our two-month old — bathing, eating, feeding, diaper changing, napping — with such intimacy and vibrancy. These photos provide a wonderful snapshot of an otherwise fleeting morning in a way that neither our own photos nor a studio portrait session ever could. Can’t wait to ask her to come back next year :-)
— Tanya

My husband and I just went thought the photos, and we are blown away! These are such gorgeous photos! You really have a gift — you capture everything so beautifully in an instant! I never like photos of me, but I love the pictures you’ve taken of us. They are definitely precious and to be cherished!
— Holly